Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Juan Cole slams Hitchens - and I LOVE IT

Over at
Informed Comment, there is a great little nugget courtesy Andrew Sullivan about the 'fued' between sodden Christopher Hitchens and the always sober and insightful, Professor Juan Cole.

If you don't know Juan Cole you should. He should get a Pulitzer every year this inane war lurches forward in Iraq. His journal is the real record of events and about the only place where you will find real discussion, real proposals and the real map of who is shaping the reality in Iraq and D.C. He has an uncanny ability to call it months in advance. In short, he is the expert on Iraq.

Hitchens is a revered author and former writer for the Nation (in case you are clueless) turned Bush cheerleader on Iraq. Now he's rolling out the Iran rhetoric - Kenneth Pollack anyone? I still credit him with the definitive Kissinger book. Too bad he's devolved into a big drunk. You can still identify against fascist and nihilistic Islamist impulses without being a neo-con bastard apologist for incoherent foreign policy.
Exihibit A: Paul Berman

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geoffrey said...

the best part for me, is that this is the third best spanking delivered this past week. Number one has to go to Colbert. And number two i give to Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, who robbed Donald Rumsfeld of his ego... in public, and left him standing naked and alone. I know you saw it. Anyway... ANY week you can put a Juan Cole smackdown at number three on the charts is one hell of a good week.