Tuesday, January 23, 2007

American Tabloid: Obama Smear gains force

We all knew this was coming. It started innocently enough a couple of weeks back. Now the full court press is on. It's as if the KKK itself is distributing 'litrature' about the new manchurian candidate Barack Hussein Obama! The infiltrator seeking to undermine a Christian nation with his evil moslem ambitions. James Elroy couldn't have scripted it better - it's right out of American Tabloid! The similarities to the 2000 South Carolina whisper campaign against John McCain are startlingly. You remember that right? Karl Rove and Ralph Reed depicting McCain as a brainwashed agent of the Viet-Cong, with his illegitimate children, drug addled wife and plans for a 'queer' army? It would be laughable if it wasn't true and if it hadn't actually SWAYED voters.

Well we have a new whisper campaign being spread by Glenn Beck, NY Post, and generated by Debbie Schlussel. It appears the roots of this are with Insight Magazine which is part of the Washington Times 'empire' owned and operated by the $billion dollar donor to the GOP - the grand master himself, your favorite Messiah - Rev. Sun Myung Moon!

Wake the Hell up America.

image: Fox News via Seventh Sense

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