Monday, February 12, 2007

vote FEAR for '08

I guess I was inspired by John Howard's idiocy and hypocrisy down under - oh wait he's not even American!

image: Germany WWI via Jesus' General


geoffrey said...

i was more inspired by Obama's INSTANT retort that set that pile in his place. Did you see that? Basically said if Howard thinks there is a problem maybe he should send more than 1400 troops...

Bammo... John Kerry couldn't do that to save his life (let alone his campaign). Obama's got mad skills, i just hope he's "black enough"... (that was pointed sarcasm for those that don't follow the news)

highlowbetween said...

Yeah I know - put up or shut up! Unless you are going send in 20,000 to fight the right fight shut the F-up. Obvious the Bushies or Murdoch are behind this - the ole' back channels