Tuesday, March 25, 2008

art market pushing your creative buttons?

This looks like a good panel topic at MOMA this coming Saturday.
DAA Collectors' Forum Is the Killer Art Market Killing Art?
Saturday, March 29, 2008, 10am - noon

Are the extravagant prices and record sales of the current art market affecting the creation and presentation of contemporary art? ADAA brings together curators, artists, and gallery owners to discuss the implications of today's "killer market" and its influence on how we look at art. The panelists will discuss such questions as: How do market forces impact the art being made today? Do these forces change the way the public approaches work? How can we make a distinction between art, fashion and design when confronted with the overwhelming commodification of culture? How does one find meaning in art if its significance is equated with its price?
My guess is of course it is if you are visible in that market. At minimum it affects the time artists have to give to their work which is why a lot of things look rushed and incomplete these days. I can't help but notice that Lehman Brothers is the sponsor ;)

image:Holger Thoss

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