Tuesday, July 22, 2008

pacific ocean blue

This just moved to the top of the queue for must have music!
Here's the blurb from Other Music:

Late Beach Boy Dennis Wilson’s ‘77 solo LP has long been heralded as a lost classic. Like Chris Bell’s “I Am the Cosmos,” Wilson’s album is considered a masterpiece in soul-baring, lonewolf pop, and here it’s reissued in a deluxe edition with unreleased tracks.

* side note: If you don't own the Chris Bell record, do yourself a solid and buy it now. It's essential.


Steven LaRose said...

Sorry for like totally commenting this week.

Mojo did a big spread on this album in their July issue. A lot of it centered around how he didn't even look 32 years old when he made it. Let alone sound 32.

My favorite description: "It represents a determined attempt to escape an iconic and prolonged adolescence."

Articles conclusion: ". . .his masterpiece, a soul-baring document of a disintegrating male psyche that is perfectly poised between pain and its transcendence."

highlowbetween said...

I'm glad y our commenting.
I just saw it on Othermusic. I'll have to get my hands on the Mojo article. I just watched two Lane Blacktop again recently so I want to get this asap.