Wednesday, November 26, 2008

anatomy of a painting [5]

So before taking off again this week, I wanted to post the latest update on this piece. I went back into the midsection and I'm getting closer to the space and feel of the final piece. Still laboring on the grid and think I am closer to understanding it's role which will likely be more of a subtle aspect of the ground and less of an overlay. But then again, who knows...


Mberenis said...

More art and less economy. :)

CAP said...

Wow - I don't think I would even have recognised this as the same work from earlier incarnations.

That orange with the ominous cloud in the middle is a real killer (toxic?). But I especially like the top edge - almost another horizon, where it meets the gray.

The grid/perspective below carries a lot less burden now - kind of sets up a second reading of the depth.


highlowbetween said...

Thanks CAP. Yeah, it took a turn for the better. I cringed at the last go around but that's t he process, two steps forward and one back always.
The grid is getting buried I think, I'm not sure how yet. I've been playing with these "dislocated" horizons in some otherworks and I think something is happening there so glad you're connecting to it.

D. Coys said...

Disorienting, like on wingtips. I imagine they must be more so in person.

highlowbetween said...

hey - its been awhile :)
That's a good word - because at minimum, I'm disoriented making them.
But I think that sensation of disorientation is something want to try and get a piece of in each work. I'm glad you are sensing that and thus it makes me want to think about that word choice some more.