Thursday, January 29, 2009

Save the Rose Art Museum

I thought I would post some actions being taken regarding the situation with the Rose Art Museum. Get involved if you can. The following is from Adam Schwartzbaum.

If you're in Boston, TODAY at 1 pm an organized sit in will take place at the Rose Art Museum. I have not spoken to the organizer, but I believe this is a wonderful opportunity to bring positive attention both to the Rose itself and to this movement. I request that if you attend to please be respectful and set a good example for all of us who would like to be there. My suggestion is to make this sit in an inspiring and fun event that reflects the artistic spirit of the Rose itself. I encourage people to bring poems to read, songs to sing, instruments to play, and paper and markers to make signs, posters, banners... and how the world what Brandeis University is all about.

On Friday, from 6-8 pm in the Shapiro Campus Center, a group of students will present COMESEEART, a activist performance piece. "Using images from the Rose’s collection of over 6000 art objects, COMESEEART is the beginning of a conversation on the nature of visual imagery and authenticity, the future of art at Brandeis, and how this weak decision can strengthen us as a community." Sounds like it should be very cool

Today at Brandeis University, Jehuda Reinharz hosted a meeting with students on the future of the school. I want to encourage people who attended to share their thoughts and reflection on this event with all of us on the discussion board. A discussion on this topic has already begun on Facebook.
Sign the Petition supporting the Rose and invite others to do so:

4. Write a letter to Malcolm Sherman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and email a copy of it to all the administrators in the news section.
Sherman's address: Mr. Malcolm Sherman, chairman, office of board of trustees, 415 south st ms 102 waltham 02453

Some have also suggested speaking to the Attorney General's office about blocking this sale, which has sparked some controversy. If you would like to take this route, the number is: 617.727.2200.

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