Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Sacred Comic Book (final show @ Jack the Pelican)

I received the press release this week, and sadly it appears that one of the remaining iconic galleries of Williamsburg is closing.

From Jack the Pelican Presents:

It breaks my heart to announce Jack the Pelican is closing our space at 487 Driggs Ave. in Williamsburg. It is our hope to re-open some months in the future at another location. But where and when, we cannot say.

But we are saying goodbye for now on a bright note, with one final show that is dear to our hearts...

by anonymous, ca.1921

This is a beautifully drawn, 40-page comic book about an artist, his seedy existence, his community, and his struggles. A single narrative, extending over 30 years, it was completed anonymously in 1921, which makes it the earliest document of its kind. What we're showing here are the original drawings in watercolor and ink.

This comic book belongs to Jack the Pelican and all our artists and also everyone who struggles against the odds and the day-to-day adversities of being an artist. It's central message is Just Keep Pecking Away, and it's dedicated to "the down and outs, the never-was-its and the also-rans (sic), in the Year of our Profits 1921.

In the early days of Jack the Pelican, we invited all our artists to read it. It was akin to an initiation. We always called it "The Sacred Comic Book." It's not really much of a mission statement for a gallery, but it was the closest thing we had. We are happy now to have this last chance to share it with all of you.

by anonymous, ca.1921

opens this Saturday
February 20, 7 - 9pm

February 20–until the marshal comes (1, 2, 3... weeks?)
Saturday, February 20, 7–9pm
487 Driggs Ave, bet N. 9 and N. 10

Saturday–Sunday, 12–6pm, or by appointment

Art: Charles Nicholas Sarka (1879 1960)

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Art said...

Wow, that's such a shame.

Hopefully they will be able to pop back up in a few months...fingers crossed anyhow.