Thursday, January 04, 2007

Obama: mass media smear campaign begins

We are still far away from the 2008 Presidential election but the mass media has already begun its tactics of selecting the nominees through subversive and derisive coverage. We've seen the Giuliani embarassment earlier this week but the most heinous "errors' have been committed against Senator Barack Obama. You know Osama??? It prompted an apology from CNN but now Yahoo has made the same "mistake" Nothing like muddling the minds and planting the seeds of doubt. On top of the blatant associations with Bin Laden, yesterday's news was teaming with Obama cocaine stories from the Senator's autobiography. So the smear season has begun with the MSM. These tactics are the way in which media shapes who the nominees will be long before the potential candidates even get their committees together and never mind that the public might want to have a say in who they support. McCain, Romney and Hillary must be luvin' this.

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