Friday, October 12, 2007

no more Turkey?

I hope everyone is following the unraveling disaster with Turkey. The administration and Congress are both letting slip a key piece of the international puzzle and in particular the one country that bridges the Islamic world and the West. Turkey is a NATO Ally and even fought in Korea alongside the US. In the run up to this war many warned that Turkey could be sucked into a civil war do to its sticky relations with the Kurds. That prediction becomes more manifest on a daily basis. So will this f' up of an administration be able to stave off the disaster of loosing diplomatic relations with a NATO ally? Are we now going to face a Turkish component in Iraq alongside all the sectarian groups and jihadist brands?? This is bad - really bad - a colossal diplomatic blunder in the making.

Juan Cole of course has a great post today on this very topic.

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Nika said...

Do you think that it's a coincidence that the aforementioned event followed right after the
House Panel voted to condemn killing of a million and half Armenian in early 20th century as Genocide?