Wednesday, April 12, 2006

a beginning

I'll start with the name sake: High Low and in Between. This is a Townes Van Zandt reference (music fans no need to point this out!) and a place to explore with some friends something interior - something splayed. Its an art blog of sorts and hopefully a forum to play culture with all the voices in our heads and on our computer screens. There is currently a great growing wealth of thought amongst many of the writers on line - I've linked to many that I hope to emulate and parallel. So here's hoping this space will be some sort of affable portal into the personal and shared experiences art affords us. (but let's not cry about it)


I come from a long line
high and low and in between
same as you
hills of golden
hails of poison
time's thrown me through
and I believe I've come to learn
that turnin' round
is to become confusion
and the gold's no good for spending
and the poison's hungry waiting..........

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