Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Poor Man's Airforce

As we see the daily dosage of violence in Iraq - or rather don't see - its worth noting that the bulk of the sectarian fighting is being executed with car bombs. For an excellent and saddening history on the use of the car bomb for political ends, read Mike Davis' two part piece on Tom Dispatch.

As a side note, there are over 44 million entries for 'car bomb' on google.

Having read the piece by Mike Davis I'm reminded of the amazing work done by the Atlas Group. Its a project developed by artist Walid Raad and is focused on documenting the contemporary history of Lebanon. They did a haunting and exhaustive study on the use of the carbomb during Lebanon's civil war. This is real political art and contemporary history. Not to be missed - two years later the work still creeps into my mind on a regular basis.

Luckily for the party set, the other google results look something like this:

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Hillary Duff said...

I think Google searches for "Lindsay Lohan nipple slip" still has it by a ... nose