Sunday, July 09, 2006

Becher on Becher

If you are a fan of Becher and Becher like me, you'll love these pieces by Idris Khan. I have to say they are more interesting than the original works. Quite haunting. The full disclosure is at Gravestmor. Reminds me of the equally disciplined work of Vera Lutter.

Don't forget World Cup today - art history buffs and wine enthusiasts should appreciate the fact France and Italy go head to head. (yuk yuk) Les Bleus or Azurri? hmmm who will it be...


fisher6000 said...

Beautiful, and yes of course they are better than the Bechers themselves... transformation and all that.

The Bechers are wonderful framers of things you should see that already exist. Burtynski also falls into this camp. But the joy/horror/whatever of it is in the thing itself, not so much in the transformative power of the art.

My pal Kat wrote eloquently about this awhile back. I'm just hatcheting her argument here..

highlowbetween said...

Hi D. I agree about the framing bit. The horror is the thing - which with Burtynsky raises the question of, is it art or journalism? I love the ship breaking series and some early works but I always wonder about that line of journalism verses art.

I'll have to read KAt and get back to you.