Thursday, July 06, 2006

How I Hitched a BLOG and Ditched My Artist Statement

TOP TEN REASONS to Ditch Your Artist Statement for a BLOG:

1. A good blog post is around 500 words and can be scanned by someone at their crappy day job. No more swallowed-the-dictionary writing!

2. Geoffrey's "Compilation of Tinkerings Maxim". Any blog entry is, by definition, not the last thing you have to say.

3. Blogs do not stand next to your art, cannot be confused for your art, and cannot prop up your art.

4. The success of a blog is determined largely by the number of links. Linking to what is outside is very different from cleaving to that special little nugget locked within the Individual Artist.

5. Comments, comments, comments.

6. Blogs encourage regular writing. No more constipated, vague language!

7. It's just a blog. Bloggers are, by definition, not authorities. They're just folks, and the writing bloggers do tends to be more exploratory than authoritative.

8. People actually read blogs.

9. The word Blog is just as ugly as the art you're supposed to love.

10. My friends think I'm sexier with a blog!!!

Courtesy of Deborah Fisher + a couple from HLIB and a little nod to Geoffrey Non-Prophet


Steven LaRose said...

Now we're talkin!

I mean bloggin!

Steven LaRose said...

Do you think then, that artists should have a seperate, more traditional web page? Someplace that mimics the ole 20 slide slide sheet and where a bio or CV are hung up for display? Should there be a more fixed point that defines the artist?

geoffrey said...

SL- As sick as they make me, i gotta say yeah. But I'm still lagging on getting mine together, and when i do, i will most likely make no mention of it on the blog. Unless i do it in the way Ashes does, as another blog. Like artist statements though, those portfolio sites really are just another way of playing the existing "game"... as set by galleries and clients. An inconvenient truth.

geoffrey said...

PS. DF (and HLIB) this is classic! (And thanks for the nod)

fisher6000 said...

Right on, HLIB!

Reason Number 11: Information sharing! Owning information is so old-school.

highlowbetween said...

SLR - I prefer blogs to traditional websites but to be honest I think its what a person feels more comfortable with. Just like Geoffrey, I don't have a website pushing my work either (its on gallery site for now) but I am really considering. What holds me up is time/and the good old problem of paintings getting diminished in j-peg.
I think Ashes has pretty good model to emulate though - if you have the time for both.
Ok D so maybe we need to make a top 20 list? All of us together?

Eric said...

I like the idea of bloggin as well, I think every artist should have one, not just for talking about there art, but the idea of sharing thoughts and ideas with others. Also it's a good way to build upon your writing skills, especially for someone like me. Which once you write a statement, most people tend to update it every few months.

Steven LaRose said...

Tell me why I shouldn't remove the "archive" code from my blogger template. Does anyone really need to see last month's posts?

highlowbetween said...

you're call. Maybe there is good stuff there that someone might need - or yourself for that matter?

fisher6000 said...

HLB, can we see your work? What's with the anonymity?

(I have a rule about not being a jpeg critic...)

20 reasons to blog and never write an artist's statement again? Do we need more reasons? Perhaps I am predictable, but I want to completely unseat the statement and have enough reasons to do so. What about good segues from statement to blog?

A page with a brief paragraph that states that your writing can be found at

highlowbetween said...

D - I think that is a good thought. Personally I like my artist statement but have always wanted to just keep writing it on and on so the blogspot thing is good.
You don't need to see my work - its terrible ;)

fisher6000 said...

HLB, modesty is a drag. Come on, email me a link! You don't have to tell anyone else...

Please? Pretty please?

In other news, Eric Larsen took me to task this morning.

highlowbetween said...

I don't mean to be modest. Let me think about it. I'll probably just email you jpegs as I've been working on my RAW files recently. The images are better. But I do have to remain incognito for now on the blog - its a job risk thing.

in other news we have a close mutual friend - which blew me away when I found out last night.

fisher6000 said...

Titilating. Now you must email me! I am curious!