Saturday, March 03, 2007

old yeller

Well it seems as if many Americans now realize that war is not a tailgate party after all. The Financial Times has this story on the decline of sales of the yellow ribbon car magnet.

The magnets, bearing the slogan “Support Our Troops”, became a symbol of patriotism for millions of US motorists.

But as support for the war fades, demand for yellow ribbons has collapsed.

Magnet America, the largest manufacturer of the product, has seen sales fall from a peak of 1.2m in August 2004 to about 4,000 a month and now has an unsold stockpile of about 1m magnets.

“Every product has a lifespan and this one has run its course.”said Micah Pattisall, director of operations.
hmmm, yes, every product does have a shelf life. Of course the other part of the story is how Chinese imports have had a major impact on sales. Luckily there is a new fad, True Love Waits - the latest in chasitity campaigning.

The American Folklife Center has a fascinating history of the yellow ribbon here. Its origin is a prison song (not Tony Orlando!) and the ribbon is very much a living tradition that can still be steered by a plethora of motivations by disparate groups.


Chris said...

Remember the old phrase "It's the least I can do"? This literally is the least one can do to support the troops.

highlowbetween said...

agreed - it's a false flag and underscores much about our society