Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Team Helsinki

Regular readers ( I think I have some) may have noticed a new addition to the blog roll- Team Helsinki. I'm doing some "guest" posting on that blog with some other fascinating people from around the globe. The blog explains what the team is about and if you ever wanted to know about Helsinki, team leader Sean Hicks has loaded the blog with tons of historic and current data on the city.

I'm humbly trying to contribute to team (though I am probably in over my head)- as there are so many great discussions going on around the web - and in real life - as to the nature of a city and what the urban experience can be for the future.

Competitions such as Helsinki 2050 are a sign of positive change as growth is sure to be the center of our political and social reality for the next 50 years. So check out the blog and feel free to comment and point the team to any resources you think have relevance to the practice of everyday living.

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