Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Creative Insubordination

ok here's an opportunity for you all that is totally in line with Timothy Buckwalter's posts on artist's lists/writing as process from a few weeks back. For artists who can actually deal with language, this could be a great enterprise!

Issue VII, Creative Insubordination, Winter 2008 - Daily Constitutional, Richmond, VA

Deadline: June 15th, 2008

WANTED: Artist's Writing, Artists who Write, Text-Based Work, Manifestoes, "Classified Ads", Letters to the Editor, Comics, Jokes, Food, Issue Specific Proposals, Multi Issue Ideas, Rants, Raves, Gobbledygook and other STUFF.

Next Issue Theme: Creative Insubordination Description: Writings and submissions wanted for publication.

Daily Constitutional is an artist run project consisting of the publication of a magazine in themed issues, the first of which was released December 2005 at the Miami Art Fairs. Daily Constitutional is currently seeking submissions for the seventh Issue to be release in December 2008, as well as submissions that may span several issues. In addition Daily Constitutional is also accepting proposals for work made specifically for the publication. Proposals may be for a single issue or may span several issues utilizing any part of the publication.

Eligibility: Open to all national and international Visual and Performing Artists Outcome: Selected writings will be published along with relevant images. A short bio and contact info will be included on the contributor's pages. Descriptions of work and CV are only for reference purposes and will not be published. Additional issues will be released twice a year. Each contributor will receive a few free copies of the publication and the remaining copies will be distributed at the release event free of charge and available for purchase at art centers across the US and through

Contact information and Submissions:

DailyConstitutional, Attn: Submissions PO Box 4683, Richmond, VA 23220

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