Friday, August 08, 2008

beijing opens

The politics aside, you have to admit these opening night shots from Beijing are fantastic. Soooo much more advanced than the Disney type crud we usually get at such forums. Gursky be damned! Great tip from Jagers.


CAP said...


Leni Riefenstahl lives!

highlowbetween said...

she wishes she had this many multiples to work with.....

highlowbetween said...

but if you can't get Riefenstahl at least keep the promenade in the family -,,1175173,00.html
you can't make this stuff up!

CAP said...

I thought they looked exactly like the Disney schlock we always get at opening ceremonies – fireworks!
How original!
More synchronised dancing and extravagant costumes than a gay mardi-gras, for straights!

Anyone think of theming 55 days at Peking? With say, laser projectors showing clips across the jetting blood from torture victims, Tibetans even, or involuntary organ donors in state facilities? Or the equally numerous ‘industrial accident’ victims, as spectacularly post modern compensation? Yeah, irony – I-loanee - a few laughs, cookie, on the economy. A rebellion, down there in your boxers. Or just onto the toxic clouds, the busy busy atmosphere that the little people, who have given so much to Chinee-Whinee, now call home?

Kung-Fu Fighting on the sound track! A David Caradine look-alike parade! Guys, you’re just not trying. The numbers are there, but inspiration is lacking.

But aesthetics aside, you have to admit the sheer hypocrisy, vulgarity and fanaticism, the sheer waste, pretence, idle boasting and bluster enshrine a sacred Olympic spirit – absolutely - to make every moment a marketing opportunity, to assert a manifestly false unity and respect between rivals, to lie and cheat at all costs, in order to look like a winner.

A Gold medal moment!

It really does sum up the world, doesn’t it?

On with the show, this is it!

highlowbetween said...
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highlowbetween said...

like I said, I'm trying to put the politics aside. But I still say this was a great show and as another blogger observed, a show that Walmart customers can be proud of.