Monday, August 11, 2008

McCain enables job loss in Ohio

The above is a powerful ad put out by Ohio Democrats last week. Obama is on the record as saying this is a turning point for his campaign.

It shows footage from a recent town meeting:

"Mary Houghtaling, who runs a hospice in Wilmington, Ohio, choked up as she told McCain of DHL's plans to close its domestic air hub in her town, a move that could throw 8,600 people out of work. "This is a terrible blow," McCain told her. "I don't know if I can stop it. That's some straight talk. Some more straight talk? I doubt it.""

Interspersed with the footage are screens that say:

"McCain and his campaign manager, Rick Davis, played roles in the fate of DHL Express and its Ohio air park as far back as 2003."


"Those jobs are on the chopping block because Sen. McCain and his campaign were involved in a deal that resulted in control of those positions being shifted to a foreign corporation."

-- Joe Rugola, president of the Ohio AFL-CIO"


"The firm of Rick Davis, John McCain's campaign manager, earned $185,000 lobbying for foreign ownership, and $405,000 after the deal passed Congress"

In case your wondering, it appears that the McCain camp knew job loss was enevitable while lobbying for the deal.

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