Friday, February 06, 2009

Artist Lecture Series/Bidonville Cafe Feb.8

The hardest working lecture series in Brooklyn is on again this weekend.

Sunday, Feb. 8 @ 7:00 pm
Bidonville Cafe in lovely Fort Greene

Willoughby Ave. (b/w Clermont & Adelphi)
Bklyn, NY 11205
G or C train to Clinton/ Washington and march north
This month's artists:

Diana Kingsley

In my photographs I'm drawn to situations where control is confounded by dysfunction and formal elegance is poised precariously on the verge of the absurd. Subjects are threatened by slight indignities, subtle flaws, or a sense of impending doom: cherished possessions are lost, composure is fleeting, first prize remains elusive, while honorable mentions abound. Although the subject matter varies, a coherent sensibility emerges wherein human frailty and vulnerability are reflected in the most disparate of everyday things. I'm looking for the blunt and unadorned ambiance of a one-act comedy, where psychological tension and pratfalls set a mood rather than force any particular narrative

Giovanni Garcia-Fenech

I am interested in painting that refers back to the constraints of the medium. My visual language is fairly restricted - the work is entirely improvisational, the colors are limited to black and white and the proportions of my supports are mostly square. It is within this purity that I find unlimited possibilities. In my talk, I will discuss my sources of inspiration, from the tiger rugs of Tibet to the trance-inducing music of Terry Riley. Then again, I might panic and just make self-deprecating jokes.

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