Tuesday, February 03, 2009

more Brandeis updates

Tyler Green did the rounds yesterday on all the continuing fallout and opinion regarding the Brandeis situation. Here's the cross post block of activity:
  • Today Roberta Smith has a strong piece condemning Brandeis' attempted seizure. I wish it had run last week (umpteen other outlets have been intelligently opining on this for almost a week now), but I still dig it today;
  • Jeff Weinstein, a Brandeis alum and ex- of the Village Voice, the Philly Inky and Bloomberg, tells a fantastic, personal story about Brandeis and the Rose;
  • The NYT editorial page lashes Brandeis and its president;
  • In case you missed it: Harvard's Tom Lentz has spoken out;
  • So has Rose Art Museum director Michael Rush -- and on the Rose's own website. Well played!;
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education's Laurie Fendrich is posting regularly. Instead of linking to each post I'll simply suggest that you go read everything she's writing; and
  • A nice reminder that the Rose is a functioning, admired art museum: Greg Cook reviews the Rose's current Hans Hofmann show.
image: Boston.com

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