Sunday, November 26, 2006

Houston Rising

The Houston Chronicle has an informative article on the burgeoning art scene of Houston. More specifically on how artists are taking charge of their own fates by purchasing the wharehouses that have fostered the contemporary community along Commerce Street. It seems that when ground was broken for condos they got the message - in a hurry.

If you aren't familiar with Houston's scene this is a good primer as it is becoming a destination for artists to work, get recognized and most importantly -stay. Mentions go out to the Project Row Houses, the Art Guys and the ArtCrawl. Several area artists were in the last Whitney and there seems to be an increasing exhbition/financial relationship with the Los Angeles 'scene'. This looks to be another non-Chelsea choice, and that's a good thing for working artists.

image: Clement Aldridge III of the Commerce Street Arts Foundation

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highlowbetween said...

CJ - well the 'circuit mentality" or sheep mentality is a universal. Everybody wants in on what is perceived as a good thing or cool thing. Not a problem as ling as the work is quality and not simply hype. Sometimes its hard tell strangely enough.I'm just excited that perhaps - perhaps - we are reaching a point where their isn't a polarity of culture centers: NY/LA. We know that is the reality but its the perception and action within that reality that makes it real and viable. As far as fringe, I think many NY artists would argue they are the "fringe within" ;)