Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Risk and Isolation

God I've been waitin to use that picture for a long time! ...well as of a few minutes ago. Amazing what comes up on an image search. 1988 was a hot year though to which this picture testifies.

So speaking of "risk it" , if you haven't already read it Deborah Fisher's recent post on Risk is worth taking a serious look. She speaks to a very real shadow for any art practice - and everday practice for that matter -Risk. It is often rooted in fear and that is something plenty of us grapple with as artists. A must read if you are battling those voices again.

Not to be out done, John over at Digging Pitt blog grapples with another common ailment - isolation, albeit from the gallery/artist community perspective. He voices real concerns as the artworld expands its 'borders' and therefore opening new questions and desires about interconnectivity and access or the lack there of.

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