Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Office of Blame now in NYC

Having worked the streets of the DNC and the RNC, the Office of Blame comes into its final stop in NYC tomorrow. Seeing that this will be the 7th anniversary (amazing) of the vicious attack on our citizens here in the Big Apple, there should be plenty of blame on people's minds. I'm sure it will be quite emotional for us all here.

Yours truly will be subbing in for [Geoffrey Cunningham] this stint and assisting Carla Repice on the phones. So if you are in Manhattan from 4-7pm we will be at Union Square. Stop by and bitch about something.

from the website:

Here at the OBA, our accountants specialize in taking your blame. Through our easy filing method, we will:

• record and provide witness to your blame

• notarize and file your blame securely and anonymously

• provide you with a receipt for your personal record

• all for FREE!

How? Now placing blame is easier than ever! You can find us at our select office hours and locations (updated below) -OR- We are now pleased to announce our ONLINE iBlame filing system! It’s still easy and anonymous and you will receive a receipt via email.

Just click here for the form.

We at the OBA thank you for choosing us to shoulder your blame. Feel free to use us as often as you like, and don’t forget to share our services with anyone.

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