Saturday, December 27, 2008

anatomy of a painting [6]

So I actually got a real shot of this piece at it's current stage. Not much to report other than that. Some minor tweaks to the grid are still in order but the next big issue is how best to activate the left quadrant of the painting and whether or not a figure(s) will be required. Also, I'm half considering the nuclear option of painting over the lower third entirely and rethinking that part of the painting. It's an ugly choice but I learned what I needed from the grid process even if it doesn't remain in piece. We'll see where the trail of dead leads.


CAP said...

Agreed the lower third is the most problematic. The issue is depth - how literal, how deep.

This is really a drawing issue, although I know you want it to be a painting issue - to be solved with masking or a straight line somewhere - but there are other options for establishing perspective or another planar projection. Definitely worth exploring (with other techniques) rather than impatiently circling round the issue.

highlowbetween said...

Agreed - I basically hate it. But I needed to do it for some reason. Perhaps it served some placeholder purpose. I have already painted it out and started a sanding process as well. But you are right, this is the what to do about this problem. Thinking cap is on.