Monday, December 22, 2008

New paper works cont...

Here are a couple of more. These two are also oil on primed paper. 30 x 22 in. each.


CAP said...

For some reason I get more of a Surrealist feel about these. I suppose it's the more recognizable objects.
But still, nice balance of painterly and painted (form and content).

Chris, you seem to get out a bit -
Have you ever seen NYC band Interpol?
What did you make of them?
I've only just heard them and although their web site put me off - I liked the older stuff a lot.

highlowbetween said...

thanks - not really going for surrealism but i see why you see that. May have to work that out.

Sadly I've missed endless opportunities to see them which is lame because they were at least once Brooklyn band. Turn on the Bright Lights is a classic - Antics is a good follow up. Then they lose me. I will say, incredible music to paint to.