Friday, October 03, 2008

Artist lecture series at Bidonville Cafe (Oct. 5)

Last month I mentioned a new grass roots lecture series put together by some friends of mine in an effort to get a conversation going. This Sunday is the next installment. If you can travel out to Brooklyn it will be worth the trip. We had a great discussion last month and I think it safe to say that each presenting artist walked away a little re-charged. This series is happening the first Sunday of every month. If you want to participate send me an email and I'll put you in contact with the peeps in charge. Here are the event details for those interested in attending.

Sunday, Oct. 5 @ 7:00 pm
Bidonville Cafe in Fort Greene

Willoughby Ave. (b/w Clermont & Adelphi)
Bklyn, NY 11205

G or C train to Clinton/ Washington and march north

This month’s artists are:

Josh Peters:

“Photography taken from 1960s and 70s advertisements and other sources of popular culture are seen through the distorting prism of memory. The images are viewed from a psychic distance, but it is not ironic or coldly critical. Instead the images are imbued with even more mystery and desire, and underlying darkness is brought to the fore.”

Bill Powhida:

“Last year around this time I was in panic mode of a different sort trying to finish a solo show and make enough work for Aqua Art and Pulse in Miami. I managed to get my show A Study for Sofia Coppola’s Film ‘Powhida’ finished and sent off to San Francisco by the end of September. The show opened enthusiastically, but I quickly realized I wasn’t going to sell out the show at the opening. In fact, I only sold two small works—one to the gallery and the other to a collector who explained that he found my work ‘both intellectually challenged and challenging.’ After I assured him that I wasn’t going to suddenly start painting landscapes and would indeed continue developing work about William Powhida, a fictional artist of dubious worth, he bought a modest painting.”

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