Friday, October 17, 2008

U.S.A. #1

I had to reduce my posting this month and have made a conscious effort to scale back my news consumption for my own sanity. Still, my friends and I have been batting around McPalin rally footage during the last 2 weeks to diffuse our horror with some sarcastic nervous wit. It helps, but watching these crowds makes us all sick and alarmed at yet unsurprised. Huge swaths of our peers are still mired in a 1960's and increasingly a 1950's culture war of bigotry and willful ignorance. You really begin to understand how easy it is to sway ordinary law abiding people into acts of hate. Imagine how little it might take to insight these people at this stage of the campaigns. How will they handle an Obama victory? Will it be excepted on any level? The GOP is morphing real time into a national "white's only" party right. The apartheid mentality is deafening.

video: TPM

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