Thursday, June 15, 2006

Basel Tov!!!

(from the official Basil portal-live)

There's a good two day old post over at Modern Art Obessesion regarding the rip roaring start of Art Basel this week and its weird (un)parallel with a massive international stock sell off. Here's the Bloomberg report MAO cites on the early sales success of the fair. I'm not going to going to echo the MAO anaylsis about how a $trillion in stock selling is perhaps an omen but a report at Bloomberg two weeks ago, postulated the possibility of a prematurely peaking art market if the global economy slows - might say nothing about something, but..... If you think I'm alarmist then read this bit about stagflation from the LA Times via Kevin Drum. (sorry, couldn't get a permalink with LA Times)

But back to Basel! So I thought it would be fun for those of us who couldn't be IN or at the fair, to highlight what we are ALL missing. (MAO has some choice quotes btw) The Basel website boasts the following:
"Works by 2000 artists will be on display while over 55,000 art collectors, art delears, artists, curators, journalists and art lovers take part in the annual family reunion of the Artworld! They come to see the most rigorously juried selection of what the international art market has to offer, and to meet the insiders and stars of the art scene!"
Notice that artists come in third rank on that list! So in the spirit of rigorous juries, I decided to curate a little online greatest thumbnail hits from the Art Basel website. Enjoy art lovers!

In no particular order:

HLIB favorite ;[}


geoffrey said...

good god. these pics with the pics from the posts below... what are you trying to do to me? How am i going to sleep?

highlowbetween said...

Its ART - I wouldn't expect you to understand