Sunday, June 04, 2006

Call It Democracy - at the Brooklyn Museum

Decided to remind everyone about the film screening tomorrow - from a previous post....

This is a plug for Matt Kohn's film Call It Democracy which is being shown as part of the Brooklyn International Film Festival at the Brooklyn Museum on June 5. Tix can be purchased here.

Matt has diligently worked 6 years on this and dedicated pretty much everything he has to film - he's penniless and exhausted! This film is simple - its a call for election reform. Footage begins with the 2000 Presidential election and the Florida recount and follows through the 2004 Presidential election with the added controversies of Diebold and Ohio. Thankfully this is not a Michael Moore film but an ernest intellectual and personal investigation into the history of the American electoral process and the current problems we face. There are dozens of relevant interviews from scholars, politicians, scientists and regular citizens. If you plan to vote in the next 5 years, try and see this film.

Here's the homepage.


Lisa Hunter said...

Thanks for posting about the film. The election system is a national disgrace. Why can't the mechanism for electing the most powerful leader in the world function as well as, say, the local ATM? I'm surprised no one has thought to call in U.N. election observers. (BTW, Reform ought to be a bipartisan issue; the Nixon/Kennedy election was suspiciously fishy too.)

highlowbetween said...

Hi Lisa - its an important film I think. There are so many reasons why.
Why can't 3 amendments to the Constitution be enforced? The problem is much more enormous than people think and the hypocrisy and lack of concern for the voter's rights from each party is shocking. Both parties have fought against common sense reforms - although the GOP has been a little more viscious, because its working. The Nixon/Kennedy case is real as are several others, McKinley, A. Jackson, etc. If you want a copy of the DVD I'd been into facilitating that.