Thursday, June 15, 2006

Credit Freeze

You can always count on the US Congress to take the wrong tac on almost everything that they get their corrupt hands on. The latest is limiting consumer rights (yes again) when it comes to credit card fraud. So of course after reading this over at
USA Today earlier this week I got really paranoid. If you are a working artist in an urban center such as myself, you understand the insidious nature of credit cards and their unfortunate necessity in keeping one off of the streets.

Far too often they have been the difference in my ability to produce work or not. (If you have a trust fund ignore this post) So for those of you in the purgatory of high interest rates, victims of identity theft, or if the bulk of your mail is unsolicited pre-approved credit offers, check out this timely and informative post by Ryan Singel at Wired News.

I've already called 888-5OPTOUT.

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geoffrey said...

the other day i was so fed up that i took the Quick Reply envelope and filled it with my cat's leftover food (Tuna... the moist stuff that had dried out) and some really heavy smelling cheese and sent it back, Postage paid by them.

highlowbetween said...

I could seriously fill the Getty with the amount junk mail I get from credit card companies. The OPtOut # gets you off all lists for 5 years - highly recommend.