Monday, April 07, 2008

Anna Malagrida

I haven't written about the current round of fairs in NY or thought that much about them now that they have closed. I did manage to spend a day at Pulse and Scope. In all they were well executed with Pulse having the stronger group. Somehow in these events, everything manages to blur for me which is why I've never done much on the review side of these events. I've exhibited at Scope twice and the experience was pretty much the same. My guess is overload but I'm never sure if it is my weak constitution or that most of what gets shown really does look and feel the quite the same. Is it cancellation or standardized multi-style? That perplexes me.

Anyway, one artist that blew me away and has really been lodged in my head is photographer Anna Malagrida who was showing with Galeria SENDA at Pulse. I think this works is wildly strong in terms of concept, history and aesthetics. I keep coming back to Chris Marker/Tarkovsky somehow
and definitely early color works by Saul Leiter. Regardless, the work is very humane and exciting. Makes wish they were my own photographs!

Judge for yourself and enjoy these images and the links below.

Video: Anna Malagrida exhibition at Figge von Rosen Gallery.

images: Anna Malagrida, [via artnet]


Soledad Garcia said...

Do you know about any text of Anna Malagrida on windows?

highlowbetween said...

Hi Soledad, I do not. I tried to find some as well. Perhaps you can email her gallery.