Friday, April 18, 2008

breaking up: an artist and her gallery

For artists, I think this is a useful post on the anxieties and frustrations of this difficult field.
Read here for the saga of the dreaded breakup and one artist's decision to be open about it.
When it happened to me, I was inconsolable. I figured I was an impostor anyway, and was finally found out. I wasn't really angry at the gallery, I was just deeply saddened because I kind of really liked them. No other profession demands so much of its practictioners. The stoicism, narcissism, and complete denial of reality one must deploy to continue on is formidable. I see people give up every day.

Pink Slip Mantra at Tire Shop [ the flipside at Winkleman]

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CAP said...

Well if you've never been fired before, it takes a bit of getting used to - at a gallery or elsewhere.

But after a few more, you sort of get the hang of it. I've been fired all over the place! I figure it's building my character. You know, struggling-misunderstood-artist type shit.

Yeah! I'm The Fired Guy!

You can't let it get to you. 'Just pick youself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again...' Do some evil drawings of your former dealer or whatever.