Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the kneecapping of Obama - courtesy of Clinton

How pointless is the Clinton campaign at this point? how pointless is her kneecapping of Obama?

John Cole nails it:

Even if she blows him out (and I expect her to win by 6-12 pts), she won’t make up any real ground in the delegate race, which, as we all know (except, apparently, at Clinton HQ), is what matters. All she has is the hope that the super-delegates will give it to her, and the only way that is going to happen is if she absolutely destroys his chances at electability. And she has to do just that, because if the supers give Clinton the nomination under any circumstance other than one in which Obama is completely ruined, expect large swaths of Democrats to bail in the general. Forget the AA vote.

That is her gambit. That is her only hope. She won’t win North Carolina, Indiana will be so close as to give marginal gains, and all she has is this last hope that she can knee-cap him and get it from the supers. Of course, she most likely won’t succeed, and instead we will have a crippled Obama limping into the general against a united Republican party armed with a half year of Clinton video clips calling Obama elitist and out of touch and unelectable and stating she takes him at his word that he is not a stealth muslim. By the end of the week I fully expect her to be asking whether or not he is a Marxist.

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hereticalpolemicist said...

The Clinton "strategy" is the blatant extreme of a society that practices "the ends justify the means" to the undermining of the usual social, moral homilies. The "winner" mentality is the mentality of a poverty of self-esteem in which another's defeat is one's own affirmation. It is a poverty where one's gain is at the conscious expense of another or in comparison to another's than one's own qualities.

Her kneecapping Obama, and even a "successful" nomination in 2008 or 2012 will bring her a pyrrhic victory which history will exact its more severe existential retribution.